RTWN029: Future of RTW – Will Robots Steal Your Job in Return to Work?

Today I speculate whether robots will put Return To Work Professionals out of a job as automation plays a bigger role in the future of RTW.

The processes I predict are vulnerable to automation include:

How we handle Certificates of Capacity and reimbursement of wages for injured workers
How we prepare RTW Plans and allocate tasks for non-injured workers
Claims management processes
Dispute resolution
Compliance with safety policies and procedures
I’m also pleased to announce I’m speaking at the Personal Injury & Disability Management Conference 2016.

Also discussed in this episode:

An MIT study that showed people prefer robot bosses
The UK’s robot lawyer DoNotPay who has beaten 160,000 speeding tickets
Work-related injury and illness in Australia, 2004 to 2014 by ISCRR